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'A gripping, terrifying and funny book.'
Henrietta Garnett
Introduction –

London. Late August. 2012.

Four lives are about to come crashing together…

Devastated by the murder of his sister in Soho seven years ago, Mark Davis travels to London from the North East to carry out an act of violence that he hopes, in his own skewed way, will avenge her death.

PhD student Stella is returning to London with her partner Paula to visit a fertility clinic but she is hiding a secret from Paula that could tear their lives apart.

Recovering alcoholic Seb has left his wild days behind him and is happily married with a six-year-old daughter and a thriving art gallery. As he helps his wife, a glamorous chef, prepare to launch her restaurant in Soho, he feels that his life is truly blossoming. But a chance encounter with a stranger brings back tragic memories and puts the lives of his wife and daughter in serious danger.

Kerstin Engel is a brilliant but troubled research analyst working for an asset management company in Mayfair. Haunted by the events of 7/7 when she narrowly escaped death, she has spent the last seven years carrying out a self-imposed penance. Unable to return to her native city of Cologne due to a crippling fear of flying, she retreats to her lonely flat in Chelsea each night to seek solace in the familiar rituals she has built up around her. But it’s an unseen enemy that lies in wait and threatens to destroy her career and her mind.

As crowds gather in Soho to mark the restaurant launch, a terrifying sequence of events brings the four characters together and the dog-days of summer to a shocking end.

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Reviews –
  • York Press


    'A searing portrait of a young woman battling OCD.'

  • Sunday Mirror


    'Cleverly plotted and tense with the oppressive atmosphere of London in summer skilfully evoked.'

  • Henrietta Garnett


    'A remarkable translation of The Years...your portrait of the Chelsea Arts Club is a brilliant sketch in pen and ink. You have written a gripping, terrifying and funny book.'

  • The Irish Examiner


    'A taut thriller.' Depicts 'a London that is by turns gritty and glorious.'

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