Good Thesis Examples

good thesis

The crux of a good thesis is a good thesis statement. Before attempting to write a thesis essay, it is essential to form your thesis statement. The entire process from research and understanding to short listing the key points you intend to include in your thesis essay, will put you on the right path to composing a good thesis. Hence, understanding your thesis through your thesis statement is essential.

Your thesis statement is a replica of your thesis essay. So make sure your thesis statement looks smart. It should sound like an informative sneak peek into what your thesis paper is about and what it holds. Be assertive and sound unambiguous. Pay heed to the crux and objective behind writing the thesis paper. A thesis statement that is enticing to the reader is one that has been successfully penned.

Thesis statements can be written in three different tones depending the type of thesis essay – analytical, expository, and argumentative. Below are a few good thesis examples.

1.Topic: How does Kurt Vonnegut use literary elements to criticize the government in the short story, “Harrison Bergeron”?

The right way to word this statement would be: In the short story ‘Harrison Bergeron’, the author Kurt Vonnegut has criticized the government by pointing out its flaws of exercising indirect characterization, mockery, and external conflict.

The reader can comprehend from this statement the analysis of the story made by the thesis’ author and his focus on the government’s ruling tactics. You can tell the author is not pro Bergeron’s government and has also highlighted the key points the thesis focuses on.

Let us go onto observe another good thesis example. Check the difference in tone between the first thesis statement and the following thesis statement.

2.Topic: Explain why a healthy diet is important?

Simply stating “A healthy diet facilitates healthy living” is not enough.

Instead, “A healthy diet facilitates the prevention of illnesses, makes you feel more energetic, and sustains the overall well being of an individual.”

From the tone of this statement one can easily point out that it is an expository type thesis that will explain the benefits of a healthy diet. It is a strong thesis statement that would make the reader ask “How?” and thus the curiosity to read more.

The last of the good thesis examples is quite obviously that of an argumentative type thesis essay.

3. Topic: Should school uniforms be mandatory in public schools?

This is a topic worthy of healthy debate. What is your stance on this?

Statement: School uniforms should be mandatory in public schools because they will eliminate signs of differences in financial backgrounds; children will be less distracted, and it will help children learn not to judge merely on the outer appearance.

The above statement is assertive and firm. The author’s stance is very apparent and the points stated sound like they have been researched on.

Keeping these points in mind and focus, will help you write a good thesis statement.